Fresh issue is out now!

We’re happy to announce that our 4th issue, titled YOUR PORTFOLIO, is out on iTunes and Google Play!

This issue is all about helping you plan and create a strong working portfolio.

Our beautiful cover is by Alex Buts; A handful of amazing top professionals share their thoughts and experiences with us: Webb Bland, Pratik Naik, Daniel Meadows, Simon WebbTodd Riddiford, and our old friend Milton Menezes of Lightfarm Brazil in the special Industry Insider feature.

In this issue, Wacom Creatives Europe presents a Von Wong tutorial on creating movement in composites, and Julia Kuzmenko McKim continues her Beauty Retouching Workflow multi-part tutorial and this time it’s all about interpreting skin colors in digital photography.

WhiteWall, one of the leading global printing labs, is here with an article on Artistic Portfolio Presentation in Print.

These and a lot more articles and tutorials are in our new issue YOUR PORTFOLIO!


~ Steve Martin


See full table of contents here: Issue 4, YOUR PORTFOLIO.



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