Issue 1, SUCCESS

[RE]TOUCHED Magazine, issue 1, Photo Courtesy of Joel Grimes

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Cover Photo by Joel Grimes.

Our premiere issue, SUCCESS, features:

  • Interview with Joel Grimes, Commercial Advertising Photographer of more than 30 years
  • Industry Insider: You must want it more than sleep, an article by Pratik Naik;
  • Pro Tips & Artist’s Toolbox feature from Brandon Cawood;
  • Beauty Retouching Tutorial + Artist’s Toolbox feature from Julia Kuzmenko McKim;
  • In The Studio: Lightfarm Brasil: the struggles, choices, synergy, and success of an amazing team of artists;
  • Special Feature: Visual Storytelling: The Power Of Stories by John Flury;
  • Beginner’s Corner: Clone Stamp Tool tutorial, by Allen Turner;
  • Beginner’s Corner: Practical Advice by Rebecca Britt;
  • 7 Deadly Myths of Internet Copyright, an article by Los Angeles-based copyright attorney David L. Amkraut.
  • and more!


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