RETOUCHED Magazine Says Good-Bye

Dear [RE]TOUCHED Magazine Reader!

When we first explored the possibility of creating a new interactive digital publication, our goal was to deliver the best possible content in an exciting and engaging format. We had the privilege to work with some of the most talented artists from around the world and the distinction of introducing many fast-rising talents to a larger audience as well.

Unfortunately, throughout it all, the infrastructure to publish, distribute, and manage magazine subscriptions fell far short of reasonable expectations, and the constant problems and customer service issues these shortcomings caused forced us to re-evaluate continued publication of [RE]TOUCHED in 2016.

Discontinuing the magazine was a difficult decision, but we believe that dedicating our finite resources to creating new content, products and services will be of greater benefit to a larger cross-section of our readers and community members.

For those who read, subscribed to, and enjoyed [RE]TOUCHED, as well as our amazing contributors – we thank you!

The 2015 issues will be available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play for another month until our publishing agreements expire with both platforms. You can save these issues on your tablets by simply downloading everything you have purchased.

Note that after our app is not supported on iTunes and Google Play, you will not have access to your previously purchased issues if they were not physically downloaded to you iPad or Android tablet.

All of our back issues, however, will continue being available on our websites in the PDF format. Most of the material in our magazine isn’t time sensitive, so Issue 1 is just as beneficial and relevant as Issue 5.

We have exciting plans for 2016 and look forward to helping our readers and community members with their creative education in new and inspiring ways.

January 11, 2016

[RE] Mag Team


  • nguveren says:

    I am really sad to see Retouched mag discontinued. While I could not buy the issues (Itunes purchases don’t recognize my Nigerian bank issued visa card) I truly enjoyed the content I can see on the website and it really motivated me to push my own work forward. Thank you so much and good luck in 2016.

  • Gaia says:


    Feel so sorry reading this post!
    I’m gonna miss Retouch Mag!

    I have a question for you:
    How can I fisically download the purchased issue on my Ipad?
    I mean, if I read “on device” does it mean that they have been properly dowloaded?
    Otherwise, what can I do?



    • Julia McKim says:

      Hello Gaia, thank you, and yes, we are sad too 🙁
      And you read it correctly – once you downloaded an issue to your device and were able to read it, it means the issue file has been physically downloaded to your iPad. As long as you don’t delete it, it should stay there even after we stop supporting the app.

  • Oh no!
    This is sad. I constantly reread every issue. They’re so helpful and I can really tell how much work went into each one to try to make them perfect. Each one is amazing!

  • My….that’s a bummer 🙁
    Always enjoyed reading the magazine and its tutorials, so yes, it’s really a shame to see it go so quickly. But reading a little further, I noticed that you guys already have new plans, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and in the mean time, I’ll read the articles on Julia’s and Michael’s blog 🙂 Thank you and the rest of the team, to push retouching to the edge!



  • Nathan yost says:

    You guys put out a beautiful magazine but I didn’t even get to read the last several issues nor was able to “simply download” to my device. I hope in the future you’re a bit mor responsive to your customers.

    • Julia McKim says:

      Hello Nathan,

      We have our Customer Support working every day of the year, from morning to evening in Los Angeles time, according to our Support Policy, a contact page ( and the email addresses that are mentioned everywhere – inside the app, inside each issue and all on the website as well as on our social media. I know we have exchanged messages via our Support email last night, but I am still confused why you are saying: “you’re a bit more responsive to your customers” – have you actually tried to connect with us so we could help before? We just can’t help if we don’t know you have a problem.

  • Dennis says:

    It’s a really sad news for me. I loved magazine and will miss it. So you’ll be posting content on this site? Or you have other plans?


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